Found Pets List

Date FoundDescriptionAnimal TypeLocation Found
3/31/19Black lab, no collar/tagsDog17530 218th Ave
3/25/19Orange cat, maleCat20042 Delta St
3/23/19Pitbull mix, female, large chain, no collar/tagsDog14455 190th Ave NW
3/23/19Pitbull mix or Boxer w/rope still attachedDogNear Lakeside Park
3/21/19Pitbull, brindle color, female, no collar or tagsDogUS Hwy 10/Upland
3/17/19Male Golden Lab, wearing shock collarDog28128 144th St
3/16/19BulldogDog19022 Freeport St
3/12/19Black Lab, male, no collarDogUS Hwy 10/194th
3/8/19Beagle/Boxer mix or Pitbull mix, female, no collar, mostly tan with whiteDog379 Baldwin Ave
3/6/19Tabby kitten, male, no collar/tagsCatConcord/Denver
2/23/19Chocolate lab, female, Invisible Fencing collarDog26938 115th St NW
2/16/19Female terrier mix, grey, blue collar with bones on itDog31037 116th St NW
2/16/19Female terrier mix, white, grey collarDog31037 116th St NW
2/12/19Yellow lab, female, wearing blue collarDog12700 Rolling Ridge
2/1/19Young black & white kitten with long hairCat12979 82nd St SE
1/14/19Great Dane, grey w/black spots, shock collar, no tagsDog30882 146th St NW
1/9/19Black lab, male, no collar/tagsDog140 Eagle Lake Rd
1/4/19Black lab, male, collar, no tagsDog101 Mount Curve Ave
1/3/19Large breed dog w/chain choke collar, no tagsDog1005 Kilbirnie Rd
1/2/19Female, possibly retriever-type, no collar/tagsDog957 York Ave
12/29/18White, long hair, male dog, approx. 50 lbs, collar, no tagsDog13515 212th Ave
12/27/18Small Akita-type breed, named "Nigel", tan/blue striped collar with tagsDog26589 143rd St NW
12/21/8Large size white dog. Possibly a Husky, purple collar, named "Titan"Dog16270 Jarvis Road
12/18/18Young white bulldogDog19057 Meadow Lane
12/14/18Yellow Lab, red collar, no tagsDog16907 319th Ave
12/13/18English Springer, brown & white, female, pink collar, no tagsDog17911 Gary St NW
12/9/18Black Lab Shepherd mix, no collar or tagsDog20163 Polk St NW
12/8/18Pit Bull, grey, brown leather collar, no tagsDogMeadowvale/209th Ave
12/7/18Male black Lab with red collar and shock collar
Male German Shepherd mix with blue collar and shock collar
Dog21805 County Road 15
12/7/18Male Pug, wearing a green collarDog31497 136th St NW
12/7/18Female mix breed PointerDog12545 Ridgewood Dr
12/3/18Labradoodle/Airedale mix, male, no collar/chip/tagDog12767 8th Ave S
11/30/18Male Husky with black collar and tagsDog17963 221st Ave NW
11/29/18Female German Shepherd, pink collarDog13625 Bradley Blvd
11/24/18Medium sized Lab mix, no collarDog12122 Ivanhoe Dr
11/22/18Small dog with curly short hair. Mostly black in color with some grey. Maroon plaid collar.Dog13842 Northway Circle
11/21/18Black chickenChicken221 Main St
11/20/18Female Shepherd mix, bluish collar, no tagsDogCounty Rd 43/ County Rd 15
11/18/18Small female dog, apricot color, no collarDog1171 Main St, Elk River
11/17/18Female black Lab, pink camo collarDog1120 Manitou
11/17/18Female black Lab, orange collar, no tagsDogBecker
11/15/18Female golden Lab, shock collar and black collarrDogCounty Road 15, north of Hwy 10
11/14/18Pit bullDogMain Street & Jackson Ave
11/11/18Germaan Wirehair, blue collarDog12545 Ridgewood Dr NW
11/1/18Large male, black Lab mix, no collarDog311 Lake Ave
10/28/18Male, white dog w/black spots, wearing a purple collar and dragging a leashDog836 Gates Ave
10/28/18Small cat, 2 lbs, brown w/tiger like stripesCat11156 93rd Ave NW
10/20/18Female black and white dog, no collarDog18349 241st Ave NW
10/22/18Ferret, Brown w/black markings around eyes, no collarFerret16142 71st St NE, Otsego
10/22/18Black and white female dog, approx. 35 lbs, orange or yellow collar, "Maizie"DogZimmerman Office
10/18/18Brown/white male pit bull mix, chain collarDog50 Jefferson Blvd
10/18/18Long hair, blonde/brown colored fur, dark blue collar with bow, no tags DogZimmerman Holiday Gas Station
10/17/18Two pit bulls (one white, one grey)Dog3681 County Road 8
10/13/18Brown/white pit bull & tan pit bull with white collarDog210 Martin Ave
Big Lake
10/11/18Grey female Schnauzer, med sized, no collar or tagsDog112th St/CR 39
Baldwin Twsp
10/11/18Small yellow dog and black lab with tan/grey collar
Dog120th St/269th Ave
10/6/18Beagle. Approx 25 lbs. Pink collar.
DogCR 4/180th St
10/4/18Terrier dog, brown with black. Black collar, no tags.
Dog11545 306th Ave Baldwin Twsp

Black lab -- no collar, male

Dog24268 169th St NW
10/1/ lab mix

8545 Main Ave
Clear Lake

10/1/18Brown w/black female mixed-breed dog wearing a chain collar. No tags.
Dog578 Dodge Ave

Black lab mix with tan on front paws. No collar. 


19236 Lowell Ave NW (Ralphies)