Lost Pets List

Date LostDescriptionAnimal TypeLocation Lost
9/30/19Cat, male, orange tabby, wearing a flea collarCat25859 11th St W
9/28/19Cat, male, black/grey tabby, neutered, named "Tiger"Cat18886 Earl Road
9/23/19Rat Terrier mixDog27786 145th St
9/23/19German Shorthair mix, male, white w/brown spots, wearing reflective green collar, named "Gambit"Dog18955 Boston St NW
9/22/19Pit Bull, gray, male, 55 lbs, green collar, named "Able"Dog18857 Albany St NW
9/21/19Jack Russell Terrier, brown & white, no collar/tags, male, approx. 20 lbs, named "Buddy"Dog655 Norwood Lane
9/21/19Red Lab, wearing camo collar, no tagsDog8594 1st Ave
9/16/19Cat, male, short dark grey tuft w/white chest, 11 lbs, chipped, named "Flint"Cat26047 157th St NW
9/16/19Shepherd mix, light brown, female, faded red collar, named "Bella"Dog9011 17th St
9/15/192 Blood Hounds, both tan females, one with a red collar & one will a black collarDog12490 239th Ave NW
9/13/19Dog, male, looks like a black Lab, no collar/tags, named "Willie"Dog20613 Ulysses
9/10/19Black Lab, female, named "Zoey"Dog18918 151st St NW
9/3/19Cat, male, grey with green eyes, blue collar w/silver ball on it, named "Sinko"Cat1664 Poppy Road
8/31/19Setter/Lab mix, black/tan, male, green collar w/grey reflective on it, named "Cooper"Dog11964 192nd Ave
8/30/19Chocolate Lab, female, wearing orange & tan collarDog13301 192.5 Ave
8/29/19Cat, black, short hair, no collarCat13144 9th Ave S
8/29/19Black Lab, blue collar with rabies tag, chippedDog5326 Aberdeen Way
8/29/19Cat, orange Tabby, male, red collar, no tags, named "Felix"Cat30042 97th St NW
8/28/19Yorkie, grey, very small, no collar/tagsDog17165 Polk Circle NW
8/19/19Border Collie, female, spots on nose, no collar/tags, named "Nya"Dog23270 189th st
8/19/19Dog, female, long haired, black w/white chest, turquoise collarDog18086 235th Ave NW
8/13/19Cat, tiger striped black/grey/white, short hair, ear clipped, no collar/tagsCat18309 Tyler St
8/13/19Black Lab, named "Joey"Dog1911 2nd St NW
8/12/19Bulldog, brown, scars on face, black leather collar and choker w/tag, named "Koa"DogHighway 169
8/10/19Coon Hound, black & brown, silver chain collar, named "Radar"Dog4430 Sterling Dr
8/8/19Pincher mix, male, black & brown, wearing a collar and ND tagsDog26678 128th St NW
8/5/19English Bulldog, female, white w/brown patches, wearing collar/tags, named "Petunia"Dog16300 201st Ave NW
8/4/19Rat Terrier, male, black & white, wearing black collar & tagsDog19125 Dodge St NW
8/4/19German Shorthair, male, red collar & orange collarDog19800 Proctor Road
8/3/19Shih Tzu, white, wearing multi-color collar and tagsDog11667 235th Ave
8/1/192 Dogs, male & female, both Collie/Shepherd mixDog26678 128th St
7/28/19Dog, male, brindle color, name "Sawyer"Dog11550 165th Ave SE
7/23/19Collie mix, male, red collar, no tagsDog14930 57th St SE
7/23/19Brittany/Lab mix, female, copper colored, wearing neon green collar, named "Penny"Dog19441 Lander St NW
7/22/19Cat, male, black w/white tuft on chest, no collarCat12925 Ranch Road
7/20/19Chihuahua, male, brown/tan, named "Coco"DogPetsmart in Elk River
7/19/19Golden Retriever, no collarDog16861 Vale St NW
7/18/19Irish hound, maleDog17958 Nixon
7/17/19Black lab mix, named "Murphy"Dog22140 County Road 79
7/17/19Shepherd mix, older, named "Charlie"Dog22140 County Road 79
7/14/19Dalmation mix, male, 50 lbs., wearing black/white/tan collar, no tags or chipDog32141 104th St NW
7/14/19Pit Bull, female, no collar/tagsDog15633 321st Ave NW
7/11/19Dog, mixed breed with tan head, white body, & brown spots, named "Poncho"Dog261st Ave NW
7/10/19Black Lab, female, wearing a tick collar, microchipped, cut on hind legDog11115 150th Ave SE
7/8/19Border Collie, male, black/white, wearing a red shock collar, named "Rex"Dog9561 7th St SE
7/6/19Chihuahua, orange/black collar, male, named "Poncho"Dog20th Street in Santiago
7/5/19Terrier mix, male, 25-30 lbs, wearing a blue collar w/dog bonesDog21605 County Road 83
7/5/19Chocolate Lab, female, wearing teal collarDog21605 County Road 83
7/5/19King Cavalier, yellow/tan, black shock collar, no tagsDog27316 129th St NW
7/4/192 Cows, blackCow29176 144th
7/4/19Kitten, black w/white under neck, blue collar, petiteCat19654 Carson Circle
7/3/19Cat, black, female, both cauliflower earsCat115 Henry Rd
7/1/19Yellow Lab, male, no collarDog3077 120th Ave SE
7/1/19Wheaton terrier, microchipped, blue collar, named "Gracie"Dog10724 269th Ave NW
6/30/19Old English/French bulldog, female, grey collarDog12010 243rd Ave NW
6/29/192 German Shorthairs, both wearing collarsDog22243 206th St NW
6/29/19Cat, grey/white tuxedo, male, no collar/tags, named "Mouse"Cat13260 180th Ave NW
6/29/19Black Lab/Rottweiler mix, maleDog28513 120th St
6/28/19Mini Aussie, male, tri-colorDog757 Freeport St
6/15/19Cat, tabby, male, declawed, friendly, grey and white stripedCat12767 210th Circle NW
6/15/19Black Lab, male, named "Harley"Dog4105 Lake Ridge Dr
6/12/19Beagle, wearing a red shock collarDog16327 232nd Ave
5/15/19Greyhound/Lab mix, female, wearing a pink collar w/pink paw print tagDog21491 County Road 73
5/12/19Retriever mix, named "Kaylee"Dog4300 Lake Ridge Dr
5/12/19Jack Russell/Pit Bull mix, named "Mia"Dog4300 Lake Ridge Dr
4/27/19Setter, brown/red, male, wearing orange collar w/tags, named "Boomer"Dog10817 262nd Ave
4/27/19Pit Bull, black/white, no collar/tagsDog16448 224th
4/24/19German Shepherd, female, wearing a pink princess collarDog4945 Drake Circle
4/24/19Griffon Bishon, female, tan in color, wearing collar, no tagsDog18684 Lander Dr.
4/21/19German Shorthair, tags, named "Gunner"Dog27584 133rd St NW
4/18/19Black Lab, female, no collar, little white around faceDog17030 211th Ave
4/18/19Brittany Spaniel mix, male, brown & whiteDog32337 172nd
4/18/19German Shorthair, male, brown & white, 2 years old, camo collarDog32337 172nd 
4/13/193 Great Pyrenees, 1 brown & 1 white, wearing collars, 1 has tagsDog29786 152nd St NW
4/10/19Chocolate Lab, 90 lbs, no collar/tags, named "Chevy"Dog11649 290th Ct
4/8/19Cat, female, grey/brown tabby, no collarCat12350 173rd Ave SE
4/8/19Black Lab, male, tan collar, no tagsDog17053 77th St
4/3/19Husky, black & white, wearing red collar, microchippedDog19268 Meadow Lane