Lost Pets List

Date LostDescriptionAnimal TypeLocation Lost
5/15/19Greyhound/Lab mix, female, wearing a pink collar w/pink paw print tagDog21491 County Road 73
5/12/19Retriever mix, named "Kaylee"Dog4300 Lake Ridge Dr
5/12/19Jack Russell/Pit Bull mix, named "Mia"Dog4300 Lake Ridge Dr
4/27/19Setter, brown/red, male, wearing orange collar w/tags, named "Boomer"Dog10817 262nd Ave
4/27/19Pit Bull, black/white, no collar/tagsDog16448 224th
4/24/19German Shepherd, female, wearing a pink princess collarDog4945 Drake Circle
4/24/19Griffon Bishon, female, tan in color, wearing collar, no tagsDog18684 Lander Dr.
4/21/19German Shorthair, tags, named "Gunner"Dog27584 133rd St NW
4/18/19Black Lab, female, no collar, little white around faceDog17030 211th Ave
4/18/19Brittany Spaniel mix, male, brown & whiteDog32337 172nd
4/18/19German Shorthair, male, brown & white, 2 years old, camo collarDog32337 172nd 
4/13/193 Great Pyrenees, 1 brown & 1 white, wearing collars, 1 has tagsDog29786 152nd St NW
4/10/19Chocolate Lab, 90 lbs, no collar/tags, named "Chevy"Dog11649 290th Ct
4/8/19Cat, female, grey/brown tabby, no collarCat12350 173rd Ave SE
4/8/19Black Lab, male, tan collar, no tagsDog17053 77th St
4/3/19Husky, black & white, wearing red collar, microchippedDog19268 Meadow Lane
3/31/19German Shepherd, male, wearing blue or black color, named "Simba"Dog412 Polk St
3/29/19Pug, male, fawn colored, unknown if wearing collar/tagsDog506 Egret
3/28/19Cat, black, maleCat14220 252nd Ave NW
3/26/19Cavapoo, female, black/white, 6-8 lbs, no collar/tags, named "Nala"Dog19613 212th Ave NW
3/24/19Cat, black & white, female, named "Jackie"Cat11261 42nd St
3/23/19Small black dog, named "Toto"Dog18236 Kent St
3/23/19Yellow lab, male, wearing shock collarDog18147 Hudson St NW
3/20/19Two Chocolate labs, wearing wireless collarsDog26604 112th
3/19/19Great Pyrenees, white, male, named "Toby"Dog25104 Meeker St (St. Francis)
3/18/19Two Coon Hounds, no collars/tags, both chippedDog26047 159th St NW
3/15/19Yellow lab, wearing a collarDog11079 127th
3/12/19Retriever, black, male, green collarDog13862 189th Ave
3/8/19Shih Tzu, cinnamon & white, blue collar, 13 year old maleDog26366 22nd St W
3/4/19Cat, black & white w/large black dot on belly, maleCat12830 283rd Ave NW
2/27/19Yellow lab, female, blue collar, named "Nike"Dog14845 Pineview Dr
2/26/19German Shepherd, female, white, pink collarDog5505 92nd St SE
2/20/19Chesapeake, male, no collarDog15464 67th St SE
2/11/19Black lab, male, no collar/tags, named "Thor"Dog28738 111st St NW
2/7/19Springer, male, liver & white, no collarDog8854 17th St SE
2/3/19Dog, black & white, no collarDog26585 Fremont Dr
1/29/19Three mulesMule28110 112th St NW
1/25/19Chocolate lab, male, wearing red collar w/tags, named "Remi"Dog18880 Boston St NW
1/25/19Golden Retriever, black collar, missing an eyeDog11076 205th Ave
1/22/19Female dog, white w/apricot patches, 1 brown & 1 blue eye, pink collarDog16311 127th St SE
1/19/19Lab/Shepherd mix, male, brown/black/golden, named" Parise"Dog18884 Twin Lakes Road
1/17/19Black lab, orange collar with tag, named "Ruger"Dog25442 139th St NW
1/12/19Beagle, male, blue collar dragging a red section of leashDog11180 191st Ave NW
1/11/19Golden Retriever, male, no collarDog566 Forest Rd
1/4/19St. Bernard, female, rose colored collar, dragging orange leashDog15154 292nd Ave NW
1/4/19Australian Shepherd, male, tri-color, collar/tags, named "Koba"Dog21675 186th St NW
12/24/18Chocolate lab, female, collar & vet tagDog18885 226th Ave NW
12/23/18Poodle, tan, named "Jazzy"Dog13468 279th Ave
12/21/18Male cat, orange & white, short hair, black collar with tag, named "Buckey"Cat12239 191st Ave NW
12/20/18Yellow lab, femaleDog19797 206th Ave NW
12/20/18Black lab, femaleDog19797 206th Ave NW
12/20/18Coon Hound, black with large flobby ears, black collarDog4430 Sterling Dr
12/18/18Golden Retriever, male, named "Buck", no collar/tagsDog4983 Mitchell Road
12/17/18Black lab, underground fencing collar, named "Rocky"Dog14590 30th St SE
12/13/1815 week old Great Dane, black and white with a purple collarDogRogers area
12/9/18German Wirehair Pointer/Lab mix, named "Cash", black shock collar, orange collarDog20595 156th St NW
12/7/18Dachshund, golden color, green & orange collarDog78 Glenwood Ave
12/6/18White male Husky, no collarDog13027 7th Ave S
11/28/18Female black Lab with chain/choke collarDog12717 274th Ave Circle
11/26/18Cat, orange with white on chest, no collarCat10199 192nd Lane
11/25/18Medium sized breed, mostly brown with white on face, belly, and paws. No collar or tags, but chippedDog19092 Johnson St NW
11/22/18Large black cat, named" Inky"Cat17432 Zane St
11/21/18White & gray cat, named "Chloe"Cat807 Freeport Ave
11/12/18Labradoodle, 1.5 year old, name "Arie", blue collarDog12433 Ridgewood Dr
11/11/18Male Rottweiler mix, named "Cam", wearing a light blue harness and a shock collarDog25847 11th St W
11/1/18Female tabby cat, no collar/tags. Named "Snickers"Cat20562 Victoria Dr, Elk River
10/28/18Two Pit Bulls (one white, one brindle)Dog3784 County Road 8 SE
10/23/18Female Pugle, fawn colored, blue collar with name and number on itDog11990 286th Ave NW
10/20/18White/black husky, pink/grey/brown collar, electric fence collar, femaleDog15688 County Road 79, Elk River
10/19/18Calico, orange, black/white belly, no collarCat12814 8th Ave N
10/18/18Blue/white Pit Bull, possibly wearing a gold chainDog121 US Highway 10 NW
10/17/18White 30 lb. terrier, no collar, "Cooper"Dog19001 Earl Road
10/17/18Big cat tabico, no tagsCat531 Irving Ave
10/17/18Cocker Spaniel, female, white & brown, invisible fence collar, "Hazel"Dog21265 Concord St NW
10/17/18Female German Shepherd, 8 years old, "Kira", red collarDog847 Harrison Dr
10/15/18German shepherd, red collar, no tag, micro-chipped, female
Dog13022 2nd Ave S