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County Parks Mission Statement: To positively affect the community by providing outdoor recreational opportunities while protecting and preserving the environment.

A photo of a boardwalk at Grams Park

Sherburne County is home to thousands of acres of unique recreational land, including County, City and Township Parks, wildlife management areas, scientific and natural areas and public trails. The Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge and the Sand Dunes State Forest are top destinations for nature-based recreation.

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Hunting is prohibited on all County-owned land, including tax-forfeited parcels, parks and trails.

poison ivy

Use caution on all park trails to avoid contact with poison ivy. Learn how to identify poison ivy

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Participating members regarding Habitat  enhancement at Oak Savanna and a meeting date of October 17
  1. Oak Savanna Habitat Restoration

    Work has started in preparation for the habitat enhancement project. A crew has started pulling signs and is working to mark and repair holes. Please use caution on trails. Read on...
  2. Pollinator Habitat Project underway at Island View!

    Pollinator Habitat Project underway at Island View! Read on...
  3. Grams Park Construction

    Construction is complete Read on...
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Integrated Pest Management for Invasive Species Underway

Under the MN Noxious Weed Law (MN Statutes, sections 18.75 to 18.91), Sherburne County is required to control species on the regulated list, including noxious and specially regulated plants.

Spot applications of herbicide will be conducted by a contracted licensed pesticide applicator. Chemicals to be used are labeled safe for re-entry upon being dry.

Signs will be posted to notify park visitors of application. Visitors are encouraged to stay on mowed and gravel trails.