Parks & Recreation

Sherburne County is home to many county and city parks, wildlife management areas, scientific and natural areas, public trails, and recreational areas.

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It also contains thousands of publicly-accessible acres including Sand Dunes State Forest and Sherburne National Wildlife Refuge.

No hunting sign on a post

Hunting is prohibited on all County owned land including tax forfeited parcels, parks and trails. 

Grams Park Construction Activities

  • Last update March 29, 2018

As a growing effort to improve the Sherburne County Parks, we are embarking on a few projects throughout our park system. Some projects consist of maintaining the native environment, while others like the work in Grams Park are in response to a public survey conducted for the development of the Park and also through the development of the Sherburne County Parks, Trails and Active Living Plan. The Sherburne County Parks, Trails and Active Living plan (PDF) was formally adopted by the Sherburne County Board on November 15, 2016.

Sherburne County will be constructing improved gravel trails, boardwalks, benches and picnic areas throughout Grams Park. The construction of the Boardwalks (PDF) resumed last week and is scheduled for completion by the end of next week. The transition from the gravel trail onto the boardwalks will not be completed for another few weeks. The picnic tables and benches are on site and will also be paced within the next few weeks. We hope to have the entire project completed towards the middle of May.

Bridgeview Park – Buckthorn Control

The prescribed burn scheduled for this spring did not take place because of unfavorable weather conditions.  The park was monitored for buckthorn seed growth this spring and it found there is minimal buckthorn seed that germinated.  It was determine the prescribed burn will not take place this spring and that it will be more effective if done during the fall of 2018 or spring of 2019, weather permitting.

If you have questions, please contact:
Sherburne Soils & Water Conservation District, Gina Hugo at 763-567-5360 Sherburne County Public Works Department, Dan Knapek at 612-219-3614