ATTN: Title Companies, Attorneys, and Other Professional Organizations

E-recording Strongly Recommended

Effective immediately, we encourage all businesses who submit recordings to this county to submit electronic recordings. E-recording is secure, simple, and can be done from your home or office – reducing the risk of spreading COVID-19. Thank you for your help during this time.

Search directory of local title companies who may be able to electronically record for you. 

Responsibilities & Services

The Recorders Office is responsible for all the real estate records for properties located in Sherburne County. Permanent records of deeds, mortgages and other various real estate records are recorded / filed in this office. All documents are examined to ensure they contain the required information.

Another important function of the Recorders Office is to protect and issue certified copies of Birth and Death Records.

Our Mission

"To protect, preserve, and record documents relating to Real Estate, and Vital Statistics in a methodical manner for posterity in legal and security purposes."

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