Expansion Project

The Sherburne County Government Center is Expanding to Better Serve You

The new addition to the Sherburne County Government Center opened June 11. It includes new courtrooms, court administration and a relocated law library and is home to the County Attorney's Office and Community Corrections.  The next 18 months will see a significant remodeling of the Government Center.


Review & Growth Needs

The County Board has been reviewing the lack of space needs at the Government Center since 2008. As you may know, Sherburne County is the 11th fastest growing county in the State of Minnesota (out of 87 counties) and this growth has led to the need for additional space in most of the departments. In fact, the last time the County expanded the Government Center was in 1998 when the population was 55% less than today.

The current expansion will not only meet the County needs through the year 2027, but will provide space for agency partners such as: Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), Soil and Water Conservation, the 10th Judicial Court and others.

New Spaces

Due to the limitations of the current building, the existing courts facilities present significant security, accessibility and technological challenges. A new 99,250 square foot addition will house five new courtrooms, two potential future courtrooms and a variety of administrative and public spaces associated to serve the courtrooms, all connecting to the existing Government Center. We also plan to renovate about 125,000 square feet of the existing building to allow for county staff to grow over the next 10 to 20 years and to provide better and more efficient services. A new public entry to the Government Center will be created to provide easy access to the facility.

Government Services

Since 2008, the County Commissioners have been setting aside funds to help pay for the expansion project. The estimated cost for the new building and renovated space is $61M with one a third being funded by existing funds that have been set-aside for this effort.


The balance of the costs is expected to be financed through a General Obligation Capital Improvement Plan Bond. Assuming the bids come in close to the construction manager's estimates, the expectation is there won't be any significant levy impacts.


When visiting the Government Center, please be safe and follow all signs. We appreciate your patience while we are under construction.