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Night to Unite Registration Form

  1. 2019 Neighborhood Registration Form: Minnesota Night to Unite

    Night to Unite is Aug. 6. Please fill out the form below to register your neighborhood block party with the Sherburne County Sheriff’s Office. Registration deadline is Friday, July 26, 2019. This is to help with the planning process as the number of block parties grows every year. Thank you for organizing a neighborhood gathering and good luck! If you have any questions, please contact Deputy Roxanne Schreder at (763) 765-3579 or by email at

  2. Contact Information

  3. Approximate number of participants

  4. Are you a registered Neighborhood Watch group?

  5. Are you interested in starting a Neighborhood Watch group?

  6. This is a family event, and while it is not illegal to serve alcohol, we strongly recommend that no alcohol be served or included due to liability issues for the provider. Our office is appreciative of your potential request to have a staff member in attendance at your gathering. Please understand that due to the sheer amount of gatherings occurring on Tuesday night, not all requests may be fulfilled. With increased requests for alternate NTU dates, our office will only attend those events that occur on Night to Unite, or Aug. 6. If you have an active Neighborhood Watch and would like to have a meeting on a different day, we ask for a three-week buffer around NTU for scheduling purposes – Please contact Deputy Schreder to schedule.

  7. Would you like to have visitors?

  8. If yes, please select which visitors you would like to stop by if they are able to make it:

  9. Do you give permission for us to provide your event information and contact phone number to local media sources so they can promote your gathering and possibly attend for a news story on Night to Unite?

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